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Seniors Healthy Living

The BC Seniors Living Association (BCSLA), which represents … though a tightness in dollars means health authorities haven’t been able to allocate the resources to close the gap.

The proportion of seniors in the Canadian population is expected to double by 2025. Health Canada is proactively conducting research and planning to better understand the needs of Canadian seniors and to ensure that programs and services respond to Canada’s demographic aging.

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Common Senior Health Problems For the first time in Canadian history, seniors outnumbered … cost of the development. Alberta Health Services is funding the operations of the supportive-living spaces. The City of Calgary …

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The gift is consistent with Müller’s idea that retirement living extends beyond the doors of a residence building. Seniors want, and deserve, to live in healthy, vibrant communities. “We want to be an …

In September 2008, the Province launched Seniors in British Columbia: A Healthy Living Framework, an ambitious action plan to promote the health and well-being of B.C. seniors. As Minister of Health, it is my privilege to present the seniors’ healthy living 2011 progress

The B.C. Seniors’ Living Association is worried ‘freedom … “And what we’ve seen with our experience with the health authorities is that it’s a roster of people who come through …

Health & Safety. Health and safety are key components of an independent and active lifestyle for seniors. Below you‘ll find information and resources specifically selected to help older people stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

This site offers information about health programs and services provided by the Provincial Department of Health, Seniors and Active Living in Manitoba, Canada.

You’ve got a lot of background in health care already, and familiarity with Capital Senior Living, so what would you say is your learning curve for this position? I would say it’s not …

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