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Talking To Someone With Dementia

10 Tips for Connecting to Someone With Dementia Talking with someone hindered by dementia can be difficult. Try these strategies.

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"We don’t call it dementia clinic. Some people when they say you are demented, they look at you [and] as[k] ‘what are you talking about?’ but when we say memory they can quickly identify" explains …

“Just because someone has dementia doesn’t mean they can’t tell the difference … “To see them pouring on so much affection to this doll or talking to this doll (is) very sweet. It soothes them and …

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Caregiver Training: Agitation and Anxiety | UCLA Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Program Someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia can’t carry on a conversation the same way they used to because of the changes in their brain. Without realizing, we might put them under pressure if we communicate in ways that don’t work well for them.

Tips on how to talk to someone with dementia. Speak clearly & avoid talking to the person as if they are a child. Have patience with the person; they may be as frustrated & confused as you are when trying to have a conversation. Know when the best times are for the person.

They may be able to watch a movie on an iPad or work on homework while you talk to your loved one. Talk About the Past. I have found talking about the past is the best way to strike up a conversation with someone experiencing memory loss. While people with dementia may struggle to remember recent events, they often remember the past much more vividly.

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Have you ever observed how people talk to babies? They might use a high pitched tone and get close to the baby’s face. While this is appropriate for infants, it’s not fitting for communicating with adults. Regardless of how much the person with dementia can or cannot understand, treat him or her with honor and use a respectful tone of voice.

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There is a certain amount of fear and stigma that surrounds dementia and this can often prevent people from seeking help or telling people about their diagnosis. Fear and stigma can also mean that we …

Talk to your doctor. Read the fine print. Consult a trusted source. See: 9 Strategies to Reduce Falls for People With Dementia. ] The "Pseudomedicine" of Dietary Supplements for Brain Health …

juliet holt klinger, senior director of dementia care for brookdale senior living, said families should be talking about transitions well before a crisis forces a move. And, older people with dementia …

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